ETNOLATINO proudly presents colors, flavors and rhythms of Latin America


ETNOLATINO is proudly introducing a collection of high quality leather goods called simply “The Colours of Latin America”

These products combine the excellence of Colombian leathers with hand-sewn molas made by the Kuna Indians living in the Urabá region of Colombia and Panama..

The Kuna are the indigenous people of Urabá, who had settled along the Atlantic coast spreading from Colombia to Panama.

The most common occupation of the Kuna men is agriculture. The women stay at home where they produce the traditional molas – intricate embroidered panels that make up the front of their blouses.

Molas are made by sewing together two or more layers of different-coloured cloth.  Parts of each layer are then cut away and the women sew them together by hand to create a variety of geometric, zoomorphic or tribal figures with a cultural and religious meaning.

All the products of our collection are individually made and combine the magic, warmth and bright shapes and colours of the Kuna molas with soft, high quality Colombian leathers.

The result of this work is a bright collection of leather goods of high quality that will bring the sun and colours of Latin America to your wardrobe!

To fully appreciate the offered products, you must remember that this is not mass production. Each mola is unique, each design is an original. Their authors not only design their own mola – they also sew them.

These products are being imported to the Czech Republic for the first time by Etnolatino, and are exclusively available here and at Marlon, a well-known shop of high quality leather goods located at Dlážděná Street 1003/5 in Prague 1  (

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